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Press Release  

Date Issued: Sunday, April 1, 2007

Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday calls on Senate Republicans to withdraw from
blocking Cesar Chavez tribute and for the establishment of a National Holiday for the
Farm Worker Leader

Los Angeles – Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday (CECNH), an organization established to win
national recognition for farm worker leader Cesar Chavez, expresses our outrage at
Republican leaders in the US Senate who blocked the adoption of a resolution honoring Cesar
Chavez this week on the 80th anniversary of his birth.

“The Republican leaders action is not only an insult to the great leader Cesar Chavez but to
millions of Americans including working people, Latinos, African Americans, all racial
minorities, students, families, civil rights organizations, labor unions, elected officials, cities
and states across our nation who celebrate Cesar Chavez's birthday March 31,” said Evelina
Alarcon, Executive Director of CECNH. “Millions engage in service, learning, labor and
community action throughout the year in tribute to Cesar Chavez's legacy of fighting for
economic and social justice,” continued Alarcon.

California and eight other states have established official holidays for the late Cesar Chavez
on his birthday, March 31. Cesar Chavez is revered as the most prominent Mexican American
leader in our nation's history. He was a labor leader, a civil rights leader, a pioneer for
environmental justice, a veteran of WWII, and a champion for farm workers, the poor and
disenfranchised. His rallying call of “Si se puede” (yes, it can be done) can be heard today as
an inspiration to Americans in every state of our nation.

Republicans blocked a resolution poised to be adopted by unanimous consent in the U. S.
Senate by insisting that anti immigrant language is included. That would have been an insult to
Cesar Chavez life's work.

Republican leaders forget that there were millions of families, across our country of all races
and nationalities, who stopped eating grapes to express their solidarity to Cesar Chavez and
the United Farm Workers when they worked to win a union and rights for farm workers in the
grape fields of California.

We at Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday call on Republicans in the US Senate to withdraw
their blocking of a resolution in honor of Cesar E. Chavez, and furthermore, we join with many
national organizations that call for Cesar Chavez's birthday, March 31, to be established as a
national holiday.

For more information contact Executive Director, Evelina Alarcon: